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tragic_contests's Journal

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___&About The Community;;

Tragic_Contests is an icon contest community that is spawned from my icon journal, tragic_icons. There will be two challenges per week, one related to wrestling and one not related to wrestling. At the end of each week, granted there are enough entries, there will be a community vote on the icons. Voting will last over the next 24 hours and another challenge will begin Saturday or Sunday and end Friday.

Contests will include traditional (I give you a photo, you make an icon), base edits (I give you a 100x100 base and you edit it), and free for alls where you may use your own photos. Please make sure to read the set rules of each challenge before you enter, so you know exactly what you should be doing. Contest subjects will include actors, actresses, movies & bands as well as anything else I feel like doing :)

Awards will be given to first, second and third place winners, as well as a mod's choice in which I, walkwiththedead, will choose my favorite icon from the icons that did not place first, second or third.

1. Do not submit anyone else's work as your own. Make your OWN icons.

2. Do not submit an icon that you have made beforehand, please make a NEW icon for the contest.

3. Make sure to follow the rules of EACH challenge, it will all be in the challenge post!

4. TWO entries per CONTEST per week. I will run two contests per week, and you may enter 2 icons for each contest.

5. Do not vote for yourself.

6. JPG, GIF and PNG formats are allowed.

7. All entries must follow LiveJournal's size requirements. In other words, no bigger than 100x100 and they must be 40K or below.

8. You may use brushes, bases & textures on your icons.

9. Do not post your icons anywhere or use them as a userpic before the challenge is over. Once the challenge is over, you are free to do what you wish with them.


Community Mod: walkwiththedead
Suggest A Challenge: Suggestion Box
___&Layout Information;;

Version #2: Features Green Day. Green Day is one of my favorite bands ever, and I recently saw them live so I've been on a kick with them lately. The layout was made by me, walkwiththedead. You can find brush credits and things in the userinfo of my icon journal @ tragic_icons.